Exotic Citrus Mix | 5 Liters – 130 Breaths
April 1, 2019
Oriental Spicy Mist | 5 Liters – 130 Breaths
April 2, 2019

Zen Yourself | 5 Liters – 130 Breaths



• Stress reliever
• Energy booster
• Enhances learning & studying performance
• Stimulates creativity
• Increases life quality overall
• Hangover remedy

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1. Lavender essential oil – one of the most widely used essential oils. Known for its soothing, tranquility and relaxing properties, as well as antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties. It brings peace and quiet.

2. Essential Oil of Frankincense (incense) – the king of essential oils, known as a miracle remedy or as “best adviser.” We appeal to the essential oil of incense when we have doubts, when we are in a deadlock or when stress and fatigue overwhelm us. “When in doubt use Frankincense. A popular ingredient in meditation and religious rituals. Besides its notoriety in the New Testament when it was received by Jesus as a gift at birth, incense was also used by Assyrians and Babylonians in religious ceremonies and the Egyptians used it for the perfume and the softness properties to the skin.

3. Essential Oil of Myrrh – evidences from antiquity shows that myrrh was so valuable that it weight valued same as the gold. It has strong cleaning properties, especially of the upper airways.

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5 Liters

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Cap may be a choking hazard

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