Zen Yourself | 5 Liters – 130 Breaths
April 2, 2019
Sensitivity Mist | 5 Liters – 130 Breaths
April 2, 2019

Oriental Spicy Mist | 5 Liters – 130 Breaths



• Stress reliever
• Energy booster
• Enhances learning & studying performance
• Stimulates creativity
• Increases life quality overall
• Hangover remedy

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1.Wild Orange Essential Oil – the oil that possesses the best qualities of energizing and stimulation. It has the ability to refresh and purify. The orange peel is full of antioxidant substances that help keep you healthy. It is the best stimulator of the mind and body.

2. Essential cinnamon oil – powerful anti-infective action, stimulant. Essential for the health of the oral cavity.

3. Essential oil of eucalyptus – known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-algic and calming properties. Indulged for relaxation and to feel more calm and lucid.

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5 Liters

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Cap may be a choking hazard

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