Fresh Air from the Land of Vampires | 7 Liters – 160 Breaths
January 24, 2019

Fresh Air from the Land of Vampires | 5 Liters – 130 Breaths



• Stress reliever
• Energy booster
• Enhances learning & studying performance
• Stimulates creativity
• Increases life quality overall
• Hangover remedy

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Transylvania, also known as the land of vampires, is a region in Romania full of traditions and history that has one of the purest and freshest air in Europe.

We collect the air from the Apuseni Mountains, from virgin areas, untouched by pollution, at the beak of dawn when the air is in its purest and freshest state.

By inhaling our fresh air you will boost your energy, increase your studying and concentration performance, or just a simple puff will help you relax after a long working day.

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5 Liters

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Cap may be a choking hazard

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