Our Team

The innovation and quality of the product is crucial, but in order for the product to survive and thrive on the market in time, the human factor involved is equally significant as the product itself.
This is the reason why our team was carefully crafted / established right from the start, since we truly believe in the importance of a great functioning team behind the product.
Our team is small, yet very complex. The complexity of the team is given by the fact that each member comes from a different work field, and each member has a complex knowledge in a different domain.
Not only do we come from different work environments, but also each of our profession has something to do with the product/products that we developed.

This being said, let us introduce ourselves:

The Knowledge

We gathered all of our knowledge: medical, economical, business, and communication in order to come up with the top quality products that will make your life better, as we truly believe that the team that stands behind a product makes the product (either thrive or fail).

Our Partners