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The Romanian Carpathian Mountains are being considered one of the most unpolluted in Europe

24.000 ha of virgin Romanian forests are registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and Romania has one of the richest biodiversity in Europe. All of these facts led us to the idea that we should make this privilege of having access to clean air available to other people as well. .

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By inhaling our Fresh Air you will boost your energy, increase your studying and concentration, performance, or just a simple puff will help you relax after a long working day.

The Harvesting Process

We collect the air from the Apuseni Mountains, from virgin areas, untouched by pollution, at the break of dawn when the air is in its purest and freshest state.

All our products are analyzed before selling by a certified laboratory and are in accordance with international regulations.

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Our range of products comes in a lightweight, easy to carry can, made from a special material designed to maintain the freshness of the air. It is suitable for using at home, work or while travelling.

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The Romanian Carpathian Mountains

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